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We live in an increasingly digital world. More and more of us are spending a significant portion of our days looking at one type of digital device or another. The types of screens these devices use emit something called High Energy Visible light (also known as HEV light or blue light). Blue light emitted by digital devices has a very short and high energy wavelength. This makes it harmful to our eyes in multiple ways. 



Shorter wavelengths, such as those in blue light, have a greater tendency to flicker than longer, weaker wavelengths. This increased flickering can cause glare and difficulty focusing, which in turn can lead to the eye strain, headaches, physical and mental fatigue that many device users experience.  



The retina is a thin lining of the inside of the eye ball, which is responsible for perceiving light. Because our eyes are not good at filtering blue light, prolonged exposure in close proximity (such as when we are using digital devices) has been shown to cause damage to retinal cells in the central portion of retina, called the macula. Damage to this part of the retina can lead to macular degeneration, which can cause permanent loss of central vision. 



Blue light has been proven to lower melatonin levels which disrupt our natural circadian rhythm and sleep-wakefulness cycle. Various studies have shown the significant effects of lowered melatonin and lack of sleep. These effects include conditions such as diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer. 



O&K Blue lenses help to filter out harmful blue light rays from various sources. This blue-blocking function, in conjunction with the anti-reflective coating included on O&K Blue lenses, will help to decrease eye strain, glare, and visual fatigue.

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